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Emeco Underground Announcement


Earlier this year, Emeco completed the sale of Pit N Portal’s key underground contract mining contracts and non-mining fleet assets to Macmahon. Emeco and Macmahon have also entered a 5-year agreement under which Emeco will become Macmahon’s preferred equipment rental provider for both surface and underground.

This change signifies the company’s departure from underground contract mining to focus on the core objectives of the Emeco Group – Equipment Hire, Maintenance and Repairs.

As part of this re-focus, Pit N Portal will be rebranded to Emeco Underground.

Leadership continuity is assured, with Ian Testrow, CEO of Emeco Group, alongside Steve Versteegen, Mark Versteegen and Darren Appleton maintaining their pivotal roles in the business. This ensures that the transition will uphold the exceptional service and reliability that customers have come to expect. The expertise and dedication of our team remain our most valuable asset.

Emeco Underground continues to offer the same high-quality service and equipment, with all machinery maintained by Force either within their workshops or using their highly qualified Field Service team.

This evolution enhances Emeco’s capability to offer a comprehensive mining equipment solution spanning from open pit to underground operations, all under the singular Emeco Group brand. The rebrand and refocus opens new opportunities for Emeco to establish and nurture relationships within the industry.

With a comprehensive inventory of equipment now available for hire, Emeco is poised to meet the demands of the mining sector, offering tailored solutions that support clients’ success.

Emeco Underground is committed to delivering the same level of expertise, service, and quality assurance that our clients have always relied upon, now with a broader offering under the umbrella of Emeco.

We look forward to maintaining current partnerships, building new partnerships and continuing to serve and add value to the mining industry.

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